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Sharing the Good News: Roberto Hernandez is a pastor, speaker and author of multiple books. He resides in Suwanee, Georgia with his family.

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An appeal to readers to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In this solidly evangelical work, Hernandez (Take Your Sandals Off, 2015, etc.) weaves his own personal story into a broad-based, positive call for Christian belief. Although it's rudimentary at its core, the work is filled with simple meaning, as the author approaches readers with honesty and humility, encouraging people who only know of Jesus to come to truly know him personally. He points out that most people have had exposure to Jesus' story, whether through cultural references, family, or church attendance. However, these are only encounters with the Lord, the author says, and they must be superseded by a "reencounter" in which the believer fully commits. Although he doesn't name specific denominations, Hernandez tells of being raised in a church where the study of Scripture was not valued and where calcified religion took the place of vibrant faith. He seems to aim this book, in many instances, toward readers who have experienced similar churchgoing backgrounds. For instance, he discusses a cousin who would not embrace religion because, in the author's view, it would have forced him to also give up a life laced with sinful behaviors. The book addresses such topics as God's love as a source of protection and provision; Jesus as the true source of forgiveness; getting to know Jesus on a personal level; and abiding peacefully in God's love. But although Hernandez alludes to judgment for nonbelievers, he focuses more upon God's grace and his welcoming spirit. As a result, he effectively presents his view of God as a loving entity who stands ready to forgive any past sin if a believer approaches him in true faith and humility. A running theme in his work is the idea of putting one's trust in God and not in people, cultures, or even mere churches; the author has found that "People have made the good look bad and the bad look good." Overall, it's clear that Hernandez is willing to be vulnerable for the sake of his readers, and his personal style is a plus for a book of this kind. As a result, this work will be valuable to new believers or to those returning to a life of faith.

An uplifting, approachable, and heartfelt work of apologetics.

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Many of the inhabitants of our rapidly changing world have made good look bad and bad look good.

 We are a society that has deviated from the Word of God, proclaiming that the Word (the Holy Bible) contradicts itself, when in reality it is our understanding and our minds that contradict themselves. Most people lack understanding and are not aware that the mysteries of God are not read but revealed by the Spirit who knows all things--past, present, and future.

 In this book, you will find ways to deal with the issues of the world and everyday living. Whether you are a leader, minister, pastor, preacher, or servant of the Lord, you will be helped in your journey to walk a holy life, a life separated from the world's system and dedicated to the Lord God. You will learn the meaning of truly serving God. You will gain a deeper understanding of God and the purpose He has for you life. 

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